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About Ailynn

There is magic in this world and there is magic within you.  We all hold the key for our own personal successes.  
I have always been fascinated by the Metaphysical world.  From the fairies I played with as a child to the Tarot Deck I worked with as a teenager and not to forget my imaginary crystal ball.  I set this world aside for awhile to finish college and start a life working in the medical field. In my thirties the world of fairies and magic reemerged. With Tarot entering my life at the age of 10, it has become a part of my everyday life.  It was the tarot that truly led me to the study of Aromatherapy and plant energies and today tarot and plant medicine have merged into a single practice.    Today and everyday, I set foot on my path with the desire to be of help to those who may cross. My passion is helping myself and others find the Resonate Being within, the Spirit within.  Each one of us is a universe disguised as a human. We contain all the resonate power switches within. We just need to know how to turn them on. Working with people to help them discover their truth and power within brings great joy, beauty and Magic to my journey.