Potions by Design


We all face times in our lives when we need to make a shift, possibly a step in a new direction.  Taking the first step is the key and often the most difficult part of the journey.  Opening the door to the next adventure or changing direction can sometimes be a challenge.  Working with an ally can bring support and courage.  I have found my support and strength through the wisdom of the tarot and the magic of scent.   You know how a scent can bring back a memory or a feeling?  Well I like to think of a scent as creating a new memory.  Each time we  spray or dab a scent on with purpose and intent, it creates new energies that can shift our being.  This brings a sense of direction and control into our lives.  We start to move, and in doing so we  open up ourselves to the Universe and welcome it to bring about the changes and opportunities we are striving for.  Life begins to open up and we become more clear in who we are and who we wish to become.  We Bloom. 

With Potions by Design we create (you and I), a specific creation for you.  What energies do you wish to call into your life.  Who do you want to see in the mirror?  Potions are specific Magical energies and scents that create a prayer or mantra to the divine.   The magic of our plant friends and the earth we live upon is bountiful and open to share its wisdom.  Why not be open to receive?  Why not take the next step?



Creating The Magic

We start with a consultation to open up a conversation with each other and the Universe.  A tarot reading to see where the path ahead is leading and if there is a fork in the road.  Which direction to take?  Let's start the energy moving and create the next step.  




We all hold the power within

Take your first step toward realization.