The Teas


The Teas


Enjoy the magic of the Queens though your taste buds.  Each Queen has a unique and magical taste.  

2 ounces, Green:
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Queens of Tarot Teas


The  Queen's Tea's were specially blended by Heather Acosta.  Master Blender and owner of The Jasmine Tea Company in Portland, Oregon.  

Queen of Pentacles Tea Blend Assam Black Tea*, Cacao Nibs, Aged Chinese Black Tea*, Ginger*, Orange Peel, Sage. 

* Denotes Organic.

Queen of Cups Tea Blend:  Assam Black Tea*, Jasmine Green Tea*, Lemon Myrtle*, Natural Vanilla Flavoring, Rose Petals and Thyme.  

*Denotes Organic

Queen of Wands Tea Blend:  Ceylon Black Tea*, Tulsi, Cardamom*, Orange Peel, Fennel*,  Cinnamon, Peppercorns, Rose Petals and Sweet Orange Essential Oil.

*Denote Organic

Queen of Swords Tea Blend:  Gunpowder Green Tea*, Lemongrass*, Orange Peel, Peppermint*, Lavender*, Eucalyptus*, 


Use your senses to physically connect with the Queens of the Tarot. These specially designed teas are hand blended my Master Tea Blender Heather Acosta, owner of the Jasmine Pearl Tea Company here in Portland, Oregon.